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Our On Farm Breeding Contract must be completed in full in order for it to be valid. Please complete all fields, print and sign two (2) copies, enclose the appropriate fees, a photo copy of your mare's papers and mail to Bounty Farms Performance Quarter Horses, 36897 County Road 245, Malden, MO 63863. A signed copy will be returned for your records.

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All Fields in this Form are Required.
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This certifies that , hereinafter referred to as Mare Owner, has engaged in one service to Mr Tailwind Warrior AQHA 3.000.876 for a fee of $500 for the 20 breeding season for the following mare:
Mare Name:
Registration #:
Year Foaled:
Please list all vaccinations given to the mare/foal within the last 12 months.
Is the mare insured?    Yes NO
Policy #      
List any special instructions or medical conditions that may be helpful to us while your mare is in our care:

Bounty Farms Performance Quarter horses, 36897 County Road 245, Malden, MO 63863, agent for the above stallion, will herein be referred to as the Breeder.

1.    A non refundable booking fee of $200 of the above fee is payable with this contract and the balance of $300, plus all unpaid expenses will be payable upon receipt of an invoice or before the mare leaves the farm, whichever is first. The booking fee is non refundable. The Breeder requires 24 hours advance notice when the Mare Owner wishes to remove the mare(s) from the farm. The mare (and foal, if applicable) shall be released only upon payment in full of all outstanding invoices, including those of the attending veterinarian.
2.    Breeder agrees to provide suitable facilities for the care and feeding of mare and/or foal while in his custody. Mare Owner agrees to pay for care and feeding penned mares at $7.00 per day dry; $8.50 per day wet.
3.    A photocopy of registration papers (front and back), a veterinarian's health certificate, worming and immunizations records and current Coggins test (within 12 months) shall accompany mare. If these are not presented upon mare's arrivals, the Breeder shall have the attending veterinarian make proper tests and evaluations at the Mare Owner's expense.
4.    Breeder will exercise judgment consistent with recognized standards in care and supervision of mare and/or foal. Breeders Veterinarian will examine for normal breeding conditions and administer medical care as deemed necessary for the health and safety of the mare and/or foal.
5.    Mare Owner will pay all veterinary and expenses. All reasonable efforts will be made to notify the Mare Owner in the event of a medical emergency. The Mare Owner agrees to accept the medical judgment of the Breeders Veterinarian and the medical treatment by the Breeder in regards to performing mare emergency medical treatment, should in the Breeder's opinion, such treatment be deemed necessary.
6.    The Mare Owner agrees that each breeding shall be in sound breeding conditions and free from infection or disease. Any mare certified by the attending veterinarian not in sounding breeding condition, in his/her opinion, shall not be bred. Mare Owner may substitute another mare within the same breeding season.
7.    A mare that is not halter broke will not be accepted. Mare Owner will remove shoes from mare. A mare with shoes will have shoes pulled by a at Mare Owner’s expense.
8.    The Breeder agrees to diligently try and settle the above named mare and shall have sole discretion of determining the best method of breeding such mare. If, however, the mare does not settle, the Breeder shall be held harmless.
9.    Live Foal Guarantee. Live Foal means that foal shall stand and nurse. It is understood that if the mare proves barren, aborts her foal, or if the foal is stillborn, a return season will be guaranteed the following year only, if proper notification is provided. Proper notification shall be defined as written certification by a licensed veterinarian with seven (7) days that the mare slipped or produced a non-viable foal. Mare Owner certifies that such abortion or death did not result from any act or omission of the Mare Owner subsequent to the mare's departure from the farm. Booster rhinopneumonitis vaccinations must be administered as indicated by the individual drug manufacturer as the mare progresses through her pregnancy. Failure to do this will void the Live Foal Guarantee. If mare is run on fescue pasture or fescue hay it will also void the Live Foal Guarantee.
10.    The breeding season in force for this contract shall begin February 1st and close July 15th of the year dated on this contract.
11.    It is further agreed that should the above named mare die or become unfit for service, the Mare Owner may substitute another mare.
12.    A breeder's certificate will be issued to the Mare Owner after all expenses have been paid in full and upon notification of the birth of the foal.
13.    Waiver of Liability. It is understood that the breeding farm, its owners, employees, and guests shall not be liable for injury, escape, disability, or death of any horse on its premises. The above named Mare Owner, whose horse(s) is/are under care of Bounty Farms Performance Quarter Horses will not be liable or responsible for any damage, injury or death to the breeding farm stallions, employees, veterinarians, or other animals in care of Bounty Farm Performance Quarter Horses, whether or not caused by his horse.
14.    This contract is governed by the laws of the State of Missouri. All accounts are due and payable in Dunklin County, Missouri.
15.    When the above named Mare Owner signs and returns this contract to the Breeder, it will then be a binding contract on both parties, subject to the above terms and conditions. This contract is not valid unless completed in full.
16.    Mare care will be provided by the farm. The Mare Owner requests that the mare be housed in (facility) at the daily rate of $ .

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